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Conservatories are a great addition to many homes. Comprised of beautiful windows, they’re a sought-after feature nowadays as much as they were hundreds of years ago. There are many reasons as to why you should opt for this extension, here are just a few.

More Space

Perhaps the biggest attraction of building conservatories is that they offer new space within your home. This can have many uses such as a new sitting area, dining room, or even a games room. The options are endless. It gives lots of space to store belongings and furniture to create a beautiful new area.

Brown wood uPVC unit

Adding Value

Space is one of the more valuable features when buying a house. Adding a conservatory might help increase the price when it comes to selling. After all, there’s another room on offer. If you’re looking to sell your property at some point, then this type of extension is an investment.

Increases Natural Light

Conservatories consist of many windows that let more light enter your property. Light within your home is important, and it can even affect your mood. Many people favour the airy feel of multiple windows. This can also reduce the need for artificial light during the day if your home is quite dark.

conservatory tables chairs plants room in house next to garden

Highlights Your Garden

We believe that conservatories are a beautiful addition to any home because they create a large window into the outdoors. It helps seamlessly connect the garden with the rest of the house. UK weather can be quite temperamental, and these windows help you see nature from the comfort of your own home. If you want to appreciate your garden all year long, why not opt for this stunning addition to your property?

Different Types Of Conservatories

At Beardsley uPVC Products Ltd, there are many types of structures available, and we have a wide range of styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional style structure, or whether you think modern, sleek conservatories are for you, we have plenty of options available. Our experts can help plan a beautiful new addition to your home so you can reap all the benefits of extra space, light, and value.

Large glass conservatory on the back of a house on a sunny day

Contact Us Today For Conservatories

If you like the sound of all these benefits, get in touch with us now. Our friendly team can help with any queries you may have about the process. We have a range of styles on offer, so contact us now to find out more.

Are you looking for new windows? If you don’t know much about frames, we can help you choose the right ones for your property. There are a few types of glazing options when it comes to your panes. We’ve created a short guide on the differences glazing options.

Single Glazed Windows

This describes a unit that only has one pane of glass within its frame. They are still quite common in older properties, but many people have upgraded to double glazing. If you opt for new panes, these can still be strong and resilient for your home.

Double Glazing

Double Glazed Windows

From the name, you’ve probably guessed that this describes two panes within a frame. These two pieces of glass can also be separated by a pocket of argon gas, increasing its favourable properties. There are many advantages to this extra layer inside your frames. There is also the option to choose triple glazed windows which further increases the benefits. Here are just a few of the advantages:

Better Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest reason to opt for double glazing is the fact that they make for energy-efficient windows. These units will help keep the heat inside your home. The extra layer of glass will slow the heat loss inside your property and keep your house at a good temperature.

Aluminium glass window on the side of a white house.

Improved Heating Bills

Better energy efficiency means that when you put your heating on, the warmth isn’t going to immediately escape your home. Not only is this great for keeping your home warm, but it’s also going to help cut those energy bills down.

new double glazing installed into a modern home

Noise Reduction

Thicker windows become a useful barrier between your property and the outside world. It can reduce noise from traffic, passers-by, and even loud lawnmowers outside your home. If you want a more peaceful house, contact us today.

Better Security

Two panes are going to be harder to break than one, which is why double-glazed windows offer more security than single panes. The extra blanket of protection is going to offer much more resistance than just one, which is why many people opt for double glazing as a standard.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Quality Windows

If your property needs a pane makeover, then look no further than Beardsley uPVC Products Ltd. Our friendly team can help with any questions you may have about the glazing you need. We have a range of frames and panes available to choose from, so contact us today.

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