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Archives for May 13, 2024

One of the most important features of your home is the front door. While a well-designed entrance can enhance your property’s kerb appeal, a sturdy door is also an essential security feature to keep intruders out. Additionally, they can raise the market value and energy efficiency of your house. 

Given the significance of a front door, it is essential that you recognise the signs that indicate you require a replacement. So, keep reading to find out 4 signs you need a new front door.

The Glass Is Single Glazed

If the glass in your front door is single glazed, you are in dire need of a replacement. This is because single glazed glass is a poor insulator, which can make it difficult to heat your home in the winter. In turn, this can lead to increased energy bills and lower your property’s energy efficiency. As single glazing is highly conductive, you may even find that your home is too hot in the summer! Furthermore, single glazed glass is fragile, and provides little protection against burglars and intruders.

Your Front Door Doesn’t Close Properly

A front door which struggles to close properly can be incredibly dangerous. Whilst a faulty lock can be mended, there’s little that can be done to repair an ineffective door. As the front door is typically an entry-point for home break-ins, they need to be as strong and secure as possible. So, if it takes some effort for your door to fully shut, have a replacement installed as soon as possible.

There’s A Draught 

A draught coming from your front door can indicate several issues. Perhaps it was originally installed by a non-professional, or fitted poorly? Or maybe the seals are damaged? In any case, if you feel a draught, it’s time to have a new one installed. If the door was poorly fitted or damaged, it will be easy for intruders to gain access or break in. What’s more, as a draught indicates gaps in the seals, your home’s energy efficiency may be compromised.

Your Front Door Doesn’t Suit Your Property

Installing a brand new front door is a wonderful way to improve the appearance of your home. Beardsley uPVC carry a variety of door styles in a range of colours, materials and even textures. Whether you’ve lived in your house for ten years or just moved in, we can help you harmonise the exterior of your house for a stunning result.

Contact Beardsley uPVC For High Quality Front Doors

We supply and install replacement front doors for a range of customers. No matter whether your door is damaged or it simply no longer matches your style, we can help. Beardsley uPVC offers a variety of affordable, high quality and secure options. Please get in touch with our experienced team today for more information.

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